Welcome 2014

I think the Indie Publishing Industry grew and matured in 2013. Now, I look forward to producing more novels, short stories and flash fiction in 2014.

If you need motivation to increase your writing this year, look at the following articles.

Dean Wesley Smith on Writing in Public

I have days when I don’t get any writing done, but the next day I read Dean’s daily entry on his writing output and realise I can either wallow in despair or pick myself up and write the next sentence, scene, or chapter.

I prefer to write the next sentence rather than get annoyed I missed a day.

I am in the middle of planning which plots waiting to be written will excite me the most so I can knuckle down and write. Then along comes another two motivational articles from Dean.

Setting Goals for writing in 2014
Your personal path to publication in 2014

I received an email from WordPress listing who visited my blog in 2013 and was surprised to see I had visits from 84 different countries. So, thank you every single person who took the time to visit my blog and a big thank you to those who commented on my blog.

It shows me that taking time away from my writing to blog is well worth it to connect to other writers and readers.

I was also surprised to find that my post on the business of writing had to most views on the busiest day of the year. I should look at updating that article and the linked articles this year.

If you want to see what might happen this year, check out Joe Konrath’s predictions for 2014.  Or check out his link to his 2013 predictions and see how many he got right. A fun read. 🙂

You can also check out Mark Coker’s 2014 predictions .

Are you motivated yet?

Here are the necessary steps to get 2014 publishing under way.

1] Print out your 2014 Year Planner and start inserting goal deadlines.

If you don’t have my excel template to print our your own Year Planner, then request a copy in the comments and I will email it to you.

2] Write a story.

3] Format for the different distribution sites.

4] Get covers created.

5] Upload and forget.

6] Mark the publication date on your 2014 Year Planner.

Repeat the process.

If you are stuck on the second point, there are lots of sites that list how to develop and plot a story. Or if you did Holly’s How to Think Sideways course, read through your course notes, and get started.

Or start small. Do Holly Lisle’s Free Flash Fiction course and gain confidence.

I did 5 Science Fiction Flash stories over the holidays that will tie in with the novel I am writing now. I hope to use the flash stories to whet the appetite of readers for the novel.

I also have a few secret projects waiting to go, but these will take me out of my comfort zone. Still, they will be fun to do.

And that is what writing is all about, fun and discovering new stories as I write them.

So, let me know what goals you are setting for 2014 in the comments.

Happy New Year and have fun writing.


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  1. E.K. Carmel on

    Thanks for the links to all the great articles. I’ve bookmarked a couple to go back to again. Interesting times ahead for writers!

    • D J Mills on

      You are welcome. 🙂

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