Indie ReCon Happening 25-27 February

If you are like me, you rested over the December break, planning what projects you would start in 2014.

Or, like me, you took January off to watch the tennis in Australia. Fun and relaxing sitting in the lounge chair in air-conditioning comfort while the heat built outside, including a few days of 40 degrees Celsius (102 for those of you who know Fahrenheit).

Once January finished, or rather the tennis finished, I went back to the computer and caught up on all the mail, blogs, and other writer sites I usually check out once a week.

Today I turned on the computer and realised the first week of February is almost over and I haven’t made a dint in any of the tasks I set myself for January.

I did update the code in my small eBook Royalties program to adjust for the changes in Amazon’s reports and it works again.

After I admired the sales for October to December 2013 on Amazon and Smashwords I remembered I was going to update all my covers again. Haven’t started that yet, other than practice using Photoshop to create better coloured illustrations.

I did start this week writing scenes and increased my word count to 11K.

Then I picked up a book from the library on another genre and spent yesterday summarising the process of the author to produce loads of books. I was exhausted when I finished but got 8 pages of notes, so I rested in front of the TV and went to bed early last night.

But today I can’t seem to get going. I spent three hours on a few author websites reading and commenting on different aspects of writing. Stopped for lunch and replied to a few emails, then decided to write this blog post to get in the mood for writing the next scene.

Then I thought about what else was happening this month.

Indie ReCon

Indie ReCon is happening 25-27 February.

If you don’t know about Indie ReCon check it out here.

If you want to check out what happened last year, click here. There is a good article on eBook covers.

I hope it fires me up to write again.

Other than that, I will do what Dean Wesley Smith does, sit at the computer and write one sentence. Then write another sentence and see how it goes.

Keep writing and keep having fun.


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