First Tip for Scribus 1.4.3

Due to my laptop dying and purchasing a new laptop, as I discussed in my previous blog, I reinstalled Scribus, but got an updated version.

I located my Broken series and opened each into the new version of Scribus.

First I was asked to chose a font to replace the fonts I used in the older version.

I was worried that Futura was not available, but searched for it. I located the Futura font and selected the different versions, Bold, etc and continued with opening the file.


Satisfied that the layout of each was correct, I saved each, and went on with other tasks.

When I received my Proofs from CreateSpace, I opened the layouts again to make small adjustments with spacing, and missing full stops, commas, etc, but was again asked to substitute fonts for the Futura fonts.

I found a check box, clicked it and continued.


So my tip for opening older layouts in Scribus 1.4.3 is as follows. Once you select the replacement or same fonts as selected in the older version of Scribus, make sure the check box is checked, then continue.

Now I receive a warning. Not sure why I am reminded each time I open the layout files, but I click OK and ignore the warning.Scribus143Fonts

If I discover why the Warning repeats, I will let you know.

Everything else, so far, is working the same as my steps in Creating Print on Demand Interiors and Covers Using Scribus 1.4.1.

I still need to check the covers are retaining the same fonts, and make some changes before uploading them again.

After that, I will start the print layouts for my other ebooks, I will note any changes and blog about it.

Anyone else upgraded to Scribus 1.4.3?

Did you find any other changes from Scribus 1.4.1?

Do you have tip for the changes?

Please comment below.

Keep writing, formatting and publishing, and having fun.


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