Next Tip for Scribus 1.4.3

I have been busy editing my latest book Machani Diplomat, but the wait is almost over.

The Smashwords and Amazon formatted files are ready to upload to the sites as soon as I get the POD interior layout finished.

However, the cover is finally taking shape, so I thought I would give you a look at the cover, now I have finished playing around with the title font. You might notice I included the translators I created in Blender into the image.

But first, another tip for using Scribus.

For those of you who do follow my steps of creating covers and interiors using Scribus, here is my tip for making the title font stand out from the image.MachaniDiplomatEbookkWhiteW

My first attempt for the cover was to keep all the fonts white to stand out from the background. However, this made the alien stand out more than the Machani Translators.

So, once I got the final font and size correct, I looked at selecting the closest colour to the Machani Translators.

I felt the colour was good at highlighting the translators and blending the alien into the background more, but felt it needed more zap.

So, in the Scribus Story Editor, after selecting the text, I held down the Shadowed Text button to open the small offset settings window.


I set the X and Y offset to 2 and -2 and selected White as the offset colour.

I saved and checked the result.

And the final result of the offset of white did help to make the title stand out. Not that you can see clearly from this small image, but I feel that the white against the black background does make the title stand out.


Any suggestions to help improve this cover will be welcome, so feel free to comment.

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Keep writing and having fun.




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