Scribus Image Tip

I discovered a problem when I tried to upload Machani Diplomat Interior PDF File to Createspace. This was the first Interior PDF that I included an image. I was advised that an image inside the Interior PDF file was 90 dpi and needed to be 300 dpi. As I only had the one image I knew which image the error message was referring to. However, I created the map and I knew it was 300 dpi so I went looking for a way to fix the problem.

I found that the Image Preview Setting had automatically set Normal Resolution as the selection. I changed it to Full Resolution and compiled the PDF again and uploaded it. It worked.

So, if you receive an image error that your image dpi setting is less than 300 dpi, check the Preview Setting fields and change to Full Resolution before exporting to PDF. The Full Resolution setting should fix the error message.

Also check out Scribus Help documentation Images – PPI and DPI page for further information on sizing you images.

Anyone else struck this problem? Did you find a different fix or the same fix?

Do you have other problems with creating your POD interiors in Scribus? Discuss in the comments. Someone may have a solution for you.

Keep writing and having fun.



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