Sneak Peek Galaxy Freight Cover

I have been working on a cover for a collection of six Science Fiction novelettes for a print copy, and am excited with what I have done so far.

With the help of some other writers, I decided to call it an Omnibus, rather than a collection, because a collection relates to short stories and from the word count, five are novelettes and one is a novella.

So, what do you think?



Image © Innovari | – Cargo Spaceships With Planet And Nebula Photo


Please offer suggestions in the comments.

Keep writing and having fun.


6 comments so far

  1. Cat-Gerlach on

    beautiful cover

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks. 🙂
      Not sure if I need to make the title and author name taller or not. Will keep experimenting.

  2. heidinlsn on

    That is a beautiful cover. I think the title and author name look great. They’re both large and clear, and there’s good color as well as light/dark contrast.

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the comments, and welcome to my blog. 🙂

  3. E.K. Carmel on

    This looks fantastic! I love the image. The title and author text look big enough to be read in thumbnail and I like the choice of yellow.

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks. 🙂
      I could say I picked yellow because of all the meanings the colour represents, but, really, it stood out the best against the background. And it matched part of the freighter, so tied into the image. 🙂

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