Putting Nick Stevenson’s Marketing Steps into Place

I mentioned in another blog that Nick Stevenson has steps to get readers to sign up to the author’s mailing list.

I put his steps into place for my Sensing Danger series, such as offering the first in the series Free so my readers could find me without a cost to them, then if they finished the story and liked it, they could sign up to my mailing list and receive the second in the series as a thank you for singing up.

I updated the cover for book 1, created the covers for book 2 and 3, and uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon.

The ebook series is now available in Smashwords and rolled out to the other sites.

I requested Amazon price match on the first in the series, but they declined to offer the first eBook for free.

So, I will only put the link for the Smashwords eBook, Sensing Danger 1: Rescue here.

Click here if you wish to read the blurbs.

SDeBookCover-1-web SDeBookCover-2-web SDeBookCover-3-web


What do you think? Feel free to offer comments, because all suggestions are welcome.

I will report on outcomes after I see some results.

In the meantime, I hope the covers catch the attention of my readers.





2 comments so far

  1. E.K. Carmel on

    I like your covers and downloaded the first book!

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks. I hope you enjoy reading it. 🙂

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