Another Scribus 1.4.3 Tip

I have just emerged into normal life from over 2 weeks using Scribus to create three 5×8” sized print interior pdfs of my latest series release Sensing Danger.

The first three interior layouts were wrong, because when I created the master pages I incorrectly typed one measurement. Yes, because I did not check the measurements I entered for the first two master pages before I imported to the next two files, I had to repeat the whole process a second time for the three interior layouts.

It brings to mind the saying, “Measure thrice, cut once” for building furniture or anything else. In this case, check master page measurements more than once, in case of typos before importing text.

However, I discovered a nifty work around (fix) for the annoying habit of adding more pages after a selected page and having the page appear without the text boxes, which I have to look for way down at the bottom of the layout page and the annoying habit of Scribus to slow to a stop the more pages that are linked.

After making sure the templates for Normal Left and Right, Chapter Left and Right, and Chapter Start Right are correct, I only add enough pages to complete the Front Matter first.

When I am happy with that, I add anywhere from 20 to total pages of story as Chapter Left and Right and unlink the last Front Matter page from the first Chapter page.

Then I select the first page (not the text box) for the start of a new chapter, and right click the mouse to bring up the drop down menu and select Apply Master page.


This menu item opens a new window called Apply Master Page.

I select Right Chapter Start and click OK. The master page changes in the work area.

I copy and paste the text for that chapter only into the Story Editor and save.

I work through the pages of text in the chapter and do any adjustments to close gaps, remove widows and orphans, or hyphenate words if needed.

Once the text is laid out correctly I then unlink the last Chapter Right or Left page from the next empty page.

Then I repeat, depending on whether the chapter text ended on the left or right page, and apply a blank left, or a Right Chapter Start before I copy in the next chapter.

I found that working this way, the program does not slow down, or hang, the more chapters I copy/paste into the program.

What I also like, is when applying different master pages, I can select a range of Left or Right pages, or even all pages.

Finally, I realise the more I use Scribus, the more I like the program.

What about you?

Do you have any tips and tricks that saves time while using Scribus?


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