My Results From Learning How To Market.

I used the steps outlined by Nick Stevenson (I mentioned in the last blog post) for my Sensing Danger series (3 books).

It worked, if not as much as I hoped. I have downloads happening. I may discuss numbers in another blog post when I have more data.

What I noticed, my other stories sold a lot more since I made Sensing Danger 1: Rescue free. I believe others call it the “halo effect”. It seems that when readers look at the Sensing Danger page, they must click on “other books by same author”, and purchase one of them.

What I will say is I got less downloads from Amazon, than I have from ibooks, or B&N.

Not sure, but after a few more months, I will look at the downloads again. So far, I would say that Nick Stevenson’s process works in getting readers to look at my books. I think if I wrote Romance or Mystery/Thriller I would have a lot more downloads.

As for signups to the email list, not so much. Got two so far, and they are friends. So I don’t know if they signed up as friends, or if they liked the first free story, and wanted to read the second story.

Traditional Publishing Marketing

I am now reading through the Promotion workshop notes I took in August 2013, because I am ready to create flyers to send to local Indie bookstores, libraries, etc. from Tift Publishing.

I googled images of fiction flyers so I had an idea of design, layout, etc and found this site.

I used Scribus to create a flyer. First attempt is not so good, so I will create some more. Only the better ones will be used.


I think it is far too busy, so will either tone down the background by making it more transparent, or replace the background with black. Not sure yet.

What I noticed is Professional Publisher flyers have reviews from authorised reviewers, not reader reviews on Amazon, or B&N, or Kobo like I used in the flyer. Proper authorised reviews.

So, I need ARC copies of my next novel for Tift Publishing to send out to reviewers to get professional reviews to put on the covers of new releases.  I worked out a process, ready to use.

Obtain professional reviews for new releases:

Step 1: Create an ARC cover layout, ready for my next novel, using Scribus. Learnt how to word ARC copy in the Promotion course.
Step 2: Make a list of professional reviewers who read the genre I am writing.
Step 3: Get novel edited and formatted for POD using the ARC cover
Step 4: Write cover letter for ARC copy, addressed to correct person on each reviewer site in the above list.
Step 5: Place ARC eBook with different file formats on my site (or in the cloud) and include link and password in cover letter.
Step 6: Send to reviewers
Step 7: Wait for reviewers to download eBook or request POD copy and post
Step 8: Wait for reviews to come in
Step 9: Add reviews to book cover design
Step 10: Upload the new cover, including reviews, and select all channels
Step 11: Let bookstores and libraries know book is live, using flyers.

For my existing novels, I can not use the above steps to get reviews because it is too late.

What I can do to let local Indie bookstores know Tift Publishing already has published content using flyers.

For local Indie bookstores:
Step 1: Create a list of local Indie bookstores and contact names (hint: google it)
Step 2: Create a flyer of already published novels
Step 3: Email/post the flyer to the list of Indie bookstores with links to purchase

I googled “marketing to Australian libraries” and found a pdf on this site.

I suggest you google “marketing to (your country) libraries” and see if you can get contact details of where you can send flyers.

For local libraries:
Step 1: Confirm details of who purchases books for Australian Libraries.
Step 2: Use the same flyer I created for Indie Bookstores and send as attachment to an Email to the libraries
Step 3: Wait for libraries to contact me to purchase POD copies, and advise price with postage and handling costs included, using a good discount
Step 4: Send the POD copies to the libraries.

Press releases:

I need to set up a press release template, so I Googled (can you tell I love Google?) to find templates of press releases. Found PRWeb with lots of current press releases for fiction.

Found a shopify article, Write a Press Release.

Still need to create my template, ready to use in the future.

Business Cards:

I used Scribus to create a business card. I need to price printing the card, so I can hand out to potential readers.

Business-Card-BF_web Business-Card-Back-BF_web




Do you have other suggestions for Professional Marketing?

Discuss in the comments below.

Keep writing and having fun.


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