Why do I need Google Plus or Google Profile?

I spent my first hour this morning reading everything in my FeedReader relating to writing and publishing. The same as every other morning. Takes about an hour, before I edit or write.

I worked my way through each blog, thinking, yes, same old same old. Yep, doing that. Next blog post. Not doing that, as it is a waste of time.

Worked my way through the list, until I got to The Book Designer week in the blogs page. 

I usually skim through each link. If I already read the linked blog I ignore it and go on to the next link.

Data Guy on Author Earnings.
Read it already. Wonderful report.

Penny Sansevieri on Author Marketing Experts Inc.
So I clicked on 50 things under 50 Bucks to promote your Book, part 2.
Need Vine or Instagram? Why. More time away from writing! Next!
Write reviews for other authors who write in the same genre? Why? Oh, I see, networking. Next!
Start an Ask the Author on Goodreads. Why? Next!
Ask followers to share my Facebook page. Why? Oh, that’s right. I don’t have a Facebook page. Next!
Subscribe to Talkwalker and Mention! Whoa! What the hell are these sites and why have I never heard of them before?
Clicked through to Talkwalker and scanned the first page. Located Prices down the bottom. Oh, I see. Pay $700 a month, every month for the rest of my life just to use social analytics, benchmarking, and monitoring local brands.
No! No! No! Money goes to the author, not from the author. Not interested. Close the page.
Could use the free area, but why. Already have notifications set up somewhere else. Could even be via google. 🙂
Skimmed to the bottom of the blog.
No, only 25 things.
Oops. This is part 2.
Do I want to read part 1?
No. Waste of time.
Next link!

I got to Anne R. Allen’s blog link for 5 Reasons Writers need Google Plus, Even Though New Google Plus is Awful.
OK. Click the link and check the 5 reasons.
Join Google Plus! Google Profile! Why?
Oh, authors need Google Plus and Profile for visibility.
What? What has Google Profile and Google Plus got to do with authors?
I not only need Twitter, Blogs, Publisher Website, Goodreads, Amazon Author pages, Smashwords Author page, email Newsletter, and goodness knows what else, but I now need Google Plus and Google Profile.

OK. Let’s see what Google has to offer me! 🙂

I get Google hangouts for free. OK. If I ever needed a hangout, Google will be the first place I go! [:sarcasm here. Sorry, couldn’t help it]

Then I read “Twitter may be Fading”. Yeah! Happy dance while grinning. That made my day. I won’t have to spend time away from writing to scan everyone shouting about what they ate that day, or feel guilty for not buying their books ever again. Finally! Oh, the satisfaction!

Then I reread the sentence. Only “may”? Not “Is”. OK, move along. Nothing to see here.

Next two links from The Book Designer blog relate to book covers and whatever else. I have already forgotten them.

Then I thought I should watch one or two videos about why I need Google Plus and Google Profile.

First video: Oh, I see. Google Plus needs me to use my camera on the computer. As if that is going to happen! I have double sided tape over the camera lens on my computer just in case someone else accesses the computer and turns on the camera. 🙂

I stopped the video after 3 minutes.

Next video shows how to set up an account with Google Profile. I need to add my full name, my address, my phone number, and probably my first born great grand child’s birthday too. I don’t know. I stopped that video right after I was advised I needed to purchase a cheap mobile phone to use that number in the signup page.

Possibly after 2 or 3 minutes. 🙂

So, here is what I think.

Google wants to gather lots of information so they can do what Facebook and Amazon can do. Sell the info to advertisers! Good on them! One way to make money.

But they are selling Google Profile as a plus for authors so anyone can locate and contact the author. Again, why?

If they want to contact me they can go through my author blog, or the publisher blog.

Then I thought about it. Something to do with changing the Google algorithm on placing my author blog on the first page in Google searches.

OK. Again, handy to know. When the algorithm changes and I do a search on me the author, or me, the person, and can’t see me on the first page, I will look into signing up with Google Plus again.

Until then, no, not happening.

The WIBBOW question wins hands down.

Are you signed up on Google Profile and Google Plus? Does it help you sell your novels? Or help you in any way at all?

Please comment. I might learn the real reasons I need to give my personal data to Google.

Keep writing and having fun.


4 comments so far

  1. E.K. Carmel on

    Right on the money!

    There is so much written about what everybody *should* be doing on the internet. Most of it is a waste of time and what works for one person doesn’t work for the next. I’ve gotten so I only follow a few people/blogs/podcasts that make sense for me and I trust.

    But what is very clear to me is that while people try this social media site and sign up for this special deal, the ginormous corporations are gorging on our information, making money off it. I played that game for a while but I’m more careful now. As a writer with a good imagination and habit of reading and watching thrillers, it’s so easy to fall into conspiracy theories about these sorts of thing, but it boils down to money. It’s always about the money. IMO, anyway.

    • D J Mills on

      Yes, “follow the money trail” is an accounting/auditing term. I believe in social media we should say “follow the data collection trail”. 🙂
      Ask why each tiny piece of information of users is needed by the company and why they restrict usage if the user does not supply it. 🙂

      • J.A. Marlow on

        Definitely follow the trail. It leads to some surprising (and sometimes horrifying) conclusions. Better to write instead!

        By the way, loved the list of places to ‘network’… “Next!” 😀

      • D J Mills on

        Yes, networking! I sometimes wonder why we need to network on all the other sites that have been popping up since 2011 (or earlier). We can gather email address lists on our personal author/writer blog or via our publisher, leave an author page link to our sites and be done with it. Then we can chat to other authors via FM or other author forums, and have a whole lot of time to write, plot, or play with images, etc. that way, fun happens every day. 🙂

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