Another Talisman

Writing Book Three of my Tracker Series is rolling along slowly.

I am up to chapter 15 and Misty is getting herself into more trouble, along with Dallas. Fun!

I also plotted one way she can get out of trouble, but may come up with another way, or two, if I find any “plot bunnies” in the next few chapters.

Which brings me to my second talisman. 

Yes, a dragon! 🙂


Debbie Arnold and Anne Bruvold

Based on a seahorse designed by Debbie Arnold.

seahorsedragon.pdf pattern used.






If you look closely, there is a pearl for the eye, seven pearls down the belly, and seven pearls on the wings. 🙂

If you want to know what spells are inside each pearl, you will have to wait for the release of the third book. 🙂

The above sentence is supposed to build suspense for the coming release, but in truth, I have no idea what spells are in the pearls until I write about them in the 17th or 18th chapter, which is still not plotted. Ah, the fun of creating stuff.

For tatters, I started with a knot on the tip of the tail instead of using a ball and winding onto the shuttle so there would not be a knot. This is a practice item, so it doesn’t matter.

But, if I decide to make a few more to send to readers (still not decided if I will or if readers of the series would be interested in little tatted items) I would use a few alterations to the pattern including no knot at the end of the tail, a picot in the middle of Cp on the body, place the bead in the middle of the second set of 5 double stitches in the second last ring, and change last ring on the wings to R: 5+5-5+5 = Join to lppr, and Cp on body.

I am now off to wash and starch the dragon, and think about attaching a pin or clip to the back so I can pin it to a shirt. 🙂

Cute or what? 🙂

Keep writing and having fun. 🙂




3 comments so far

  1. notewords on

    Lovely dragon!

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks. 🙂

  2. […] The side benefit was she could also “hear’ her tracker mare, Sweetie, when she touched the talisman. You can read about the dragon talisman on my writer blog. […]

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