Working on Fantasy Tracker Three Cover

I am working on the cover image for Judge, the third Tracker Series novel.

Here is a sneak peek while the novel is getting edited.


And the Ebook version.

JudgeEbookCover3WebI am finding that it is difficult to have a bright white, stone block, building that still allows shadows and magic to show clearly.

So I lowered the brightness and grayed the walls of the background somewhat.







What do you think?

Does it suggest fantasy?

Would it attract attention in a sea (or web page) of other fantasy covers?

From some wonderful suggestions I changed the shadow colour of the title and Author, and altered the background of the blurb and publisher details. Hopefully it is easier to read the text now.




4 comments so far

  1. Thea van Diepen on

    It definitely suggests fantasy, but the text is hard to read 😦

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the comments. 🙂
      The blue title and author text is part of the series, but I can change the black blurb text.

  2. Reprobate Typewriter on the building, but I don’t feel like the boys match quite. I don’t have any real suggestions but jutting a tickle of sparks in the empty space might be worth a try.

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂
      I will play around with more sparks/magic.

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