Writing Book IV in the Tracker Series

I started Book IV in the tracker series and managed four chapters before LIFE interfered.

I discovered (due to a blockage outside the kitchen) tree roots had entered my sewer pipes somewhere. I had a pretty good idea where, because when I moved into this property, a single tree grew near the front gate. I chain sawed it down, because the branches scratched any car that drove up my drive. Then I discovered the sewer pipes were under the cement car track.

So I Googled what needed to happen to fix my sewer pipe problem.

Found videos showing how to replace broken sewer pipes, but decided it looked too complicated for me to do. I phoned a plumber.

Quote shock! On using a camera to locate the exact spot. And on drilling out the roots.

Got that done, and located cracked pipes.

I needed a 4 meter by 18” trench dug up above the pipe line and new PVC pipe to replace the cracked and blocked earthenware pipes. The plumber with the camera neglected to say how deep down the pipe was.

I decidedtuesdaypipesweb to dig up the ground myself, get a qualified plumber to replace the pipe, then back fill the hole myself.

Once I located the pipe, the plumber decided I needed to remove the cement car track for better access to the pipe.

Fun and games!

Cement is heavy! However, once removed, I worked 2 hours digging, then rested for 2 or more hours, than back to digging. I finally dug down far enough for the plumber to replace the pipe. And I discovered muscles I never knew I had.

Then thursdayditchweb1I back filled.

Got all the dirt back in except for the top soil and grass squares I set aside when I started.

When the back filled dirt settles I will add the topsoil and grass squares, then need gravel before the cement squares are replaced along the car tracks, and I can return my car to my garage.

Needless to say, the writing stopped, while I worked on the hole.

This experience can be used in my writing. I can now describe burning muscles, pain in hips and back, the smell of the damp earth, the weight of dirt, how to cut through cement slabs, and neighbours offering advice when they stopped to see what I was doing.

I could write believable action from this experience. Such as the point of view character/victim digging his own grave in a murder mystery or horror story. I could use this experience in characters digging a hole to bury a dragon. Not that I could ever bury a dragon, because all that is left is dust and ash when a dragon dies.

I did keep up with Indie publishing news during the week of digging while I rested between bouts of digging

I discovered Movie Maker and played around with a short video trailer advertising my Sensing Danger series. I Googled and found many different Trailer Planners and instructions to help get started on making a trailer.

The web site Book Trailer Café has good information to get you started.

From my first attempt, I concluded I need to think of more images than just the cover, such as images of characters, but if the covers are built in layers, I can extract each layer and arrange on the timeline of the video to suit the text.

I may not have selected appropriate music for the text, but my first attempt will do for now.

I also learnt that in future, I will pay someone to create a better movie trailer for any series I write, and I will pay a plumber to undertake my next tree root blocked sewer pipe.

Have you attempted creating a movie trailer of your novels?

If so, any tips you want to share?

Keep writing and having fun.


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