Tracker Series #4 Published

Mage, the fourth book in the Tracker Series has now been published as an eBook.

I had hoped to add a dragon image to the cover, but did not work with the cloudy sky in the final background. Hopefully, I can add a dragon to the next Tracker series cover. 


The print version still has to be proofed and approved before it will be available at Amazon, Book Depository, and other distributors.

As the links become available Tift Publishing with update the details.

I am now plotting the fifth Tracker story, and hopefully, will tie up all loose ends from the series this time. 🙂

I hope to start writing Book Five next week, and have the first draft completed early April. Then a month for editing, formatting, and cover creation.  If there are no interruptions I may have the final in the Tracker series published in May.

Then, I hope to write short or flash stories each day during May, picking different genres each week. From them I hope there will be one or more stories I can to build into a novel, or hopefully, new series. Looking forward to some fun in May, 2017. 🙂

So, what are your plans?

Finish current projects?

Begin new projects?

Try a story in an unfamiliar genre?

Whatever they are, keep writing and having fun.








2 comments so far

  1. Barbara G on

    A little lost with this. Not my kind of book.

    • D J Mills on

      Barbara, the male is creating a magic spell outside the door into the building. The female in the background is his guard. 🙂

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