2018 Publishing Processes

Indie publishing seems to have settled into the new normal in 2017.

There are two ways, all in on Amazon, or wide. Over 70% of all ebook, print and audio sales are on Amazon. This leaves 30% sales elsewhere.

There are two main strategies with publishing, either “churn and scream” or “drip”.

You can read David Gaughran’s blog discussing the two marketing systems. Also read the comments below the blog post for more information on the two marketing systems.

My take from his blog post is that churn and scream requires writing and publishing 12 or more stories each year and advertising widely. This leads to burnout, flooding market with stories, etc

And the drip system involves writing the next story and publishing with almost no announcements and let the readers find the stories when they search genres

I use this process. Other writers include advertisements either for building their mail list or announcing each release.

Marketing strategies includes:

First free in series and collect email addresses of readers
Works but many readers want free stories with no evidence they purchase more $ stories from distributors. So, collecting the email addresses does not guarantee the readers will purchase the next book when published.

Advertise with Facebook, Amazon or other sites
Many are advertising with Amazon Ads or Facebook Ads or on BookBub and other sites.

I have been told by other writers that the prices needed to get sales has been steadily increasing across platforms. But some say it is still worth the cost for their sales to get a bounce every so often.

Pay Pixel of Ink US$30.00 for 10 ‘read and review’ for your latest release but they only guarantee 8 read and reviews. Good to get reviews before publishing, then let reviews build slowly from sales.

Pay Pixel of Ink US$75.00 for a series or author spotlight newsletter feature in one or more genres. See past spotlights on authors here.

Boxed Sets
This is a strategy where readers pay $9.99 (inside Amazon 70% royalty) for three or more books that are priced much higher when purchasing individually.

As the latest Author Earnings report shows, it is a good strategy.

The Amazon Ebook Units Sold by Price Point graph shows that $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99 get the most sales.

The Amazon Ebook Dollar Spend by Price Point graph shows that even though $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99 get good sales, the $9.00 to $9.99 range earns the most.

So, I decided I will try to write 50K stories and publish every 2 months in 2018. I normally write over my planned word counts, but hope to get each story written between 50-60K words.

This means I will have to write more than 2500 words Monday to Friday and still have weekends off. I have no idea if I can keep up that many words each week for very long, but I will try.

It also means I will have to work on edits, formats, blurbs, covers and everything else related to publishing in the afternoons and evenings.

I did get time to add a tab on my blog for my hobbies, which are tatting, crochet, knitting, etc. Feel free to check it out. It now includes a photo of a necklace matching the last bangle I tatted.

Have you tried the above publishing strategies, and if so, did you see an improvement in your sales?

Keep writing and having fun.

2 comments so far

  1. E.K. Carmel on

    Hi Diane! Since you were a beta reader, I want to thank you with a copy of my book. I published it on Amazon just before Christmas but it’s been so crazy finishing up the website, mailing list, and business end of things, I hope you’ll forgive me for not informing you earlier. Please let me know what format you need and I’ll send it to you. Thanks so much!Eileen

    • D J Mills on

      Congratulations. Totally forgiven. I know all the extra things you have to do once you hit the publish button. 🙂
      I sent you an email.

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