March activities in Indie Publishing

March flew past, and it is now April. I have been busy finishing and editing a novella which I think is an Adventure story. I will try some beta readers and see if they think the genre is “adventure” or not. 🙂 And work on the cover.

And start my next series. Which will be fun, I hope. 🙂

Not much Indie Publishing news except for the following:

David Gaughran has released his book Amazon Decoded: A Marketing Guide to the Kindle Store. You can pick up your FREE copy on the first tab in his web page header.

David explains how Amazon Sales Rank is calculated on daily sales and KU Borrows. The calculations do not include reviews or Free ebooks.

He also explains the difference between Best Seller Lists, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers and Top Rated.

It is worth your time to read and understand even if you are published wide like me. 🙂

There are some interesting threads on Writers’ Cafe at the moment. One is discussing missing reviews, that is, Amazon is still removing reviews when they decide the reader review is from a friend of the author.

Another thread discussed the extremely low payout of Audible sales to authors. My take from that thread is “go wide”.

Also Smashwords is now a distributor to another audio book distributor. Details are on Smashwords blog.

And, of course, the web has many discussions around Facebook taking your personal details and selling to marketers without your permission. It is in Facebook’s TOS and everyone accepted the TOS when they opened a Facebook account. Which is one of the reasons why I never joined.

I hope you all had a successful March writing and publishing, or relaxing with a good book.

I am looking forward to April and the rest of the year, writing my new series and having fun.


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