Technology Hiccups

It is already August and winter is almost over here on the east coast of Australia.

I have not written anything for the past few months, but have been busy, never the less. Tax forms done. Latest story in print as well as ebook formats. Working on a Holly Lisle Short Story course, and plotting short stories.

I finally set up a second laptop using Ubuntu and all free software, and connected to the internet, so I do not have to use my Windows laptop to connect to the internet.

I did this new setup because my writing laptop has Windows 8.1 and all my purchased software, including MS Office, Photoshop, Movavi Screen Capture, Dramatica, Scrivener (which I don’t use for writing), and programs I wrote to help with writing, such as TextToSpeech, Alarm, and my Royalties program which pulls data from the spreadsheets and inserts in an Access database, along with some free software such as Scribus, Blender, DAZ, XMind, calibre and others that run on Windows operating systems.

And I took great pleasure in removing all parts of my virus checker program from my writing laptop because the daily antivirus checks brought the processing speed to a standstill when it ran, so I either stopped the daily check, or had to stop working until the virus check finished. And all the upgrades were automatic, even though I had set the program to ask before updating. Hence the great pleasure in removing the program from the hard drive.

So, the plan was to write on the Acer with Windows software, and use the HP laptop with Ubuntu for internet. I thought it is a good plan.

But … the phone and internet stopped working. Chased the provider who got a Telstra technician to check the lines. Ended up being a “fault at the exchange”.

Now I have phone again, but intermittent internet. I either have to get the Telstra technician to sort out the intermittent internet or move to my next plan, which is to cancel my internet, and go to the library for free internet use to upload files, check writer blogs and forums and upload more stories onto distributor sites. And of course, check sales.

And wait for the National Broadband Network (NBN) to roll out through town before I again connect to the internet. Hopefully that will be done early next year. Note that I was not advised which month early next year, so could be waiting between 5 and 9 months for the NBN to arrive outside my home.

In the meantime, I intend to write short stories along with my next series. And set up my gmail accounts.

I hope you all had a mild summer, and plenty of time to write your stories.

PS: I removed my Telstra phone and Telstra wall splitter, replacing them with another splitter and hands free phone system. I now have internet again. Wonderful! But, I will still be waiting for the NBN to roll out in my town.

Now back to writing and having fun.


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