Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Wow! This year flew by while “Life” interfered with my writing time.

I did try to keep up with Indie Publishing news while running from one “Life” crisis to another.

One publishing item was Amazon dropping “Also Bought” displays from book pages for international visitors to the site. I am not sure if that is fixed yet.

And the big hiccup in Amazon where KDP books are unavailable to international readers. You can read about it on David Gaughran’s blog.

I did get the not so subtle message Amazon want me to only buy from the site, even though Amazon advised Australians could again purchase from the site. The left out one little detail which was we could only buy Amazon products, not third party products, such as author copies of my POD books.

Another item was moving all my Createspace print books to Amazon. That went well, but now I can not purchase author POD copies from Australians have to purchase a sale copy for full price from the site once the print book is published and on sale. Read through it and locate mistakes, then update the new interior/cover files, and wait for approval again, while the book is still on sale.

That is not good for my readers, but until Amazon realise their readers will not be happy with this situation, we have to play by their rules. I do try to find every typo, and layout error before I update my print files, but there is always one or three that I miss.

Another incident was Writer’s Cafe changing their TOS. As I do not agree that they own the images or comments I placed in Writer’s Cafe, I cancelled my account.

I now visit Writer Sanctum to talk to other authors and what is happening in Indie Publishing. So far, there has not been any “flare ups” and I find everyone friendly and willing to answer all questions.

I finished Holly Lisle’s Short Story course, and have completed a single short story.

I started two short stories, then realised they should be one story from two POV characters, so finished the first one, and am now writing the second one, placing each scene after each scene of the first story, showing both characters’ actions. At the end, the characters get together and solve the problem. I hope to finish the story in December. So far, I have about 6K done.

I found a blog post on Why (and How!) to Reach the Right Readers [Book Marketing 101] by Diana Urban and printed it out. I hope to read through it this afternoon and see if I can improve my knowledge of my audience.

I hope all of you who participated in NaNoWriMo enjoyed writing your stories, and get them published early next year.

If you heard any other changes to Indie Publishing over the past few months, let me know below.

Oh, a fun photo of a wonderful snake catcher solving one of my “Life” crisis over the past few months.

Snake Catcher removing my visitor

Keep writing and having fun.


2 comments so far

  1. E.K. Carmel on


    Amazon definitely hasn’t played nice with authors this year. I’m sorry you and many others have gotten caught in the different Amazon messes. I hope they get things straightened out soon for you guys!

    I feel you on the “life getting in the way” thing. Lost months to family issues. I’m happy to report I don’t have snake problems, though, and hope you don’t have too many more of those! Ugh!!

    Best of luck to you in 2019!

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks. I don’t mind the odd chicken egg disappearing each day as a snake is travelling by, but I draw the line at this snake setting up house in my garden and stopping me from weeding, or picking beans, corn, etc. 🙂

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