Anything But Writing

June disappeared while I split wood, mowed lawns, both mine and my cousin’s, weeded vegetable gardens, ran sick relatives to doctor appointments, prepared my invoices and receipts ready for my tax return, knitted vests for a friend, knitted jumpers for myself, and helped write a memorial speech and handout for a funeral.

It was fun looking through old photos to add to the memorial handout, and I enjoyed time with my cousin, but also sad to lose another aunt. Meeting all my cousins at the memorial service was also enjoyable but as one cousin suggested, we need to arrange a get together when there is not a funeral to attend.

I agree with that, but not in winter. This last week the mornings get down to 1 – 3 degrees Celsius, before the sun warmed up the air to a pleasant 20 – 22 degrees.

I even put on a pair of knitted gloves while I was on the computer yesterday morning, but couldn’t type very fast. Having a sore index finger after removing a splinter from under the nail may have something to do with the slow, painful typing.

But I haven’t sat at my writing computer and actually written any thing for the past few weeks. Instead, I have been plotting more story for my SciFi series because after I finished the first story, I decided I needed to add a part two to finish establishing the alien city on a colony outpost and the two main characters.

And, I have been looking at images of robots, before I draw my own robots, and their weapons. I would purchase an image for the cover, but can’t find any images I like.

So, all in all, June and half of July flew by while I was doing anything but writing.

I did reread a blog post by Anne Greenwood Brown on How to Write Emotional Scenes When You’d Really Rather Not. I hope to bring more emotion into my stories, and want to practice while writing the next few scenes.

I hope you are all enjoying your winter or summer, and still writing or learning to tell better stories, like I plan to do.

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