Self Marketing

Create Cover page

  • font
  • size
  • colour
  • layout
  • picture

Create Copyright page / Author bio / Blurb / Acknowledgement Page

Display of text

  • font
  • fully justified
  • icon for each blank line between scenes

Create icon / image from cover page for advertising

Create Rich Text File of Novel / .doc / .mobi / Scribus interior layout .pdf

Set realistic price / standard price

Set CreateSpace / LULU price for hard cover / paperback purchase including link

Place product on Smashwords / Amazon / other sites / own site?

Write blogs about book

Write on other blogs about book including link

Build customer base = sign up, competition, other?

Ask for review from other authors / readers and include on site with book

Pay to translate to second language and offer that on site

Pitch to movie Producers or wait until they read story and contact me

Write article for local newspaper / magazines

Advertise in newspapers / magazines

Hand out free copies to select few who can spread word of mouth advertising

3 comments so far

  1. imotherofpearl on

    My two cents –

    Have a book launch at local indie / genre bookstore
    Go see the chain stores in your city – they may have a budget to buy in local authors
    Make it available through your local writers’ centre (don’t know about other cites, but ACT Writers promote members’ books through their bookshop and their newsletter)

    Some great ideas – especially doing a screen adaptation. You could also collaborate with an artist on a graphic novel. Sci fi books would be especially rich with imagery that would translate well!

    Some great ideas in your post…

  2. Amber Dane on

    More great ideas. Still up in the air on selfpub,but still read as much as I possibly can on it.

    • djmills on

      Things are changing so much, I need to update the page. 🙂

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