Self Publishing Steps For Indie Authors

Plot story

  •             Beginning, climax, resolution
  •             See Parts of Fiction

Write great story

  •             Great characters, rich description, emotive, senses, active voice

Edit great story

  •             Learn to edit or pay an editor
  •             Edit plot
  •             Edit sentence structure
  •             Get beta readers

Create genre cover

  •             Learn to create covers or pay for covers
  •             Fonts
  •             Size
  •             Colours
  •             Layout
  •             Image

Create blurb

  •             No passive sentences

Create front matter

  •             Copyright details
  •             Acknowledgements

Create back matter

  •             More stories
  •             Link to sign up for newsletter
  •             Point to blog
  •             Point to Author page
  •             Request review if reader liked the story (include link)

Create .doc for Smashwords

  •             Read Smashwords Guide for Formatting document

Create .mobi for Amazon

  •             Create HTML and use Calibre (free software from Amazon) to format .mobi

Create .pdf for Createspace POD

  •             Use Word .doc and convert to .pdf or
  •             Use Scribus to lay out the interior and export to .pdf
  •             Fonts
  •             Headers
  •             Page numbering
  •             Justification
  •             Scene break images
  •             Chapter headings

Link Createspace .pdf to Amazon .mobi

  •            If not automatic then email Amazon for link


  •             Send out newsletter to list of readers
  •             Blog on new story
  •             Comment on twitter
  •             Comment on other blogs you regularly visit including link to blog
  •             Other Marketing Plan steps

Repeat the above steps with the next story

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