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2018 Publishing Processes

Indie publishing seems to have settled into the new normal in 2017.

There are two ways, all in on Amazon, or wide. Over 70% of all ebook, print and audio sales are on Amazon. This leaves 30% sales elsewhere.

There are two main strategies with publishing, either “churn and scream” or “drip”. Continue reading

Raw Data Is Telling

Yesterday I was minding my own business working in Scribus on the layout of one of my novels. I was following the steps in my Creating Print On Demand Interiors & Covers Using Scribus 1.4.1  and realised it gets easier and easier, each time I went through the steps.

Note the blatant plug for one of my books. 🙂

I stopped to have a break and decided to open FeedReader to skim over the topics for the day in all the sites I monitor.

Wow! Just Wow! Continue reading