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From 2009 to now, and Onwards.

I started this blog in April, 2009.

Why? One of my writing teachers told me to create a writing blog because I needed it. I think it was to build interest in my stories, but I don’t talk about the actual writing of my stories. I mean, who wants to hear that I write one sentence, then the next. And the next. That is boring.

I talk about my writing journey, the things I learn, the software that helps me, or other tools that I use to monitor all aspects of indie publishing. Continue reading

Building a Platform

Building a platform is all about getting stories up on the ebook sites and letting readers know they are there.

First, it is a given, that the books are good stories edited to remove typos, with attractive covers and blurbs that attract readers.

Then comes marketing, which seems to be all about blogging, commenting on other blogs with links back to your own blog and your book list, and tweeting. Continue reading