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Sneak Peek at New Cover

I am busy with editing and designing the cover, ready for the print version of my first fantasy in a new series called Tracker to be published.

As usual I struggle with writing blurbs or cover copy to entice readers to pick up my stories. So, the cover copy, along with the rest of the cover may change before “Rider” is ready to publish.

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Creating Print on Demand Interiors and Covers Using Scribus Final Comments

I have completed the layout of my manual using the blog posts.

I followed the steps in the blog posts to build the layout for this manual, and was surprised that I did not deviate from the process at all.  Continue reading

Latest Cover Attempt

Way back on February 12, I discussed redesigning my Broken Faith ebook cover, based on the results of researching book covers.

If you want to read how I dissected the different areas of cover design, you can find it here.

And my last attempts are redesigning my Broken Faith cover are here.

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Writing Update

I have been busy writing the past few weeks, but I tried to find time to keep up with reading other blogs, if the articles were relevant to Indie publishing. I am getting quite good at ignoring both the articles and comments if it does not relate to Indie publishing. 🙂 Continue reading