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Next Cover Attempt

I had fun this week letting the computer read each scene, while I followed the text in the word doc.

One typed sentence was “He sat.” and the computer read it as “He Saturday.” Another sentence was “No.” and the computer read it as “Number.” Other than that, one word read “Le4ar” because my fingernail touched the “four” as I typed the “e”, and the computer read “Lefourar”. Continue reading

Important Parts of Covers

On a previous blog I commented on studying the best seller list  of fiction and non-fiction novels for 2009 and wondered why some of the titles in the fiction novel list included the words “A Novel”.

My thought process at the time wondered why there was “dirty data” and why the data was not cleaned up to Third Normal Form. These thoughts relate to my programming days, where data had to be cleaned for storage in a database. In other words, redundant data was a waste of storage space. Continue reading