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Planning for 2017

Looking back over 2016 plans I can say I “failed” to complete all my plans for 2016 but I did “succeed” in most of them. So a big win for me!

To end the year, I need to create the 2016 Tift Publishing Catalogue with links to published books onto Tift Publishing web site. Continue reading

Technology does not rule my life.

I have spent the day trying to figure out why I need two more program, Twitter and RSS Feed, to watch all the other programs that I already watch, such as my blogs, my Indie blog list, my Sideways blog list, real news sites, etc.

And now learning I “should” use Twitter and RSS feed to help market my ebooks”?

It is all too much.

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More Thoughts on Indie Publishing

I stop working every year for 2 weeks to watch the tennis during Wimbleton. The TV coverage starts at 9:00 pm and continue to 4:00 am, unless it is an Aussie player then it will continue to 6:00 am. Not that that happens very often because, lets face it, Aussie players are few and far between in the tennis rankings these years. Continue reading