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Is the eBook Market Still Growing, Settling or Dying?

Are you, like other indie authors, worried about the slow down of sales of your ebooks on Amazon?

Did you read about Amazon Select sales not showing in many author’s Amazon reports, and how Amazon is working on it. And other comments said sales outside Select were also not showing in the Amazon reports? Continue reading

Attracting Readers by Good Blurb Writing

The main parts of attracting readers to my fiction eBooks include an attractive cover, great title, clearly enticing blurb, low cost and perfectly edited sample.

If all these variables are good enough to attract each reader then the odds are stacked in my favour of their purchasing my story, and hopefully, if I have written a well crafted story, they will write a review to attract other readers. Continue reading

Building a Platform

Building a platform is all about getting stories up on the ebook sites and letting readers know they are there.

First, it is a given, that the books are good stories edited to remove typos, with attractive covers and blurbs that attract readers.

Then comes marketing, which seems to be all about blogging, commenting on other blogs with links back to your own blog and your book list, and tweeting. Continue reading