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Monitoring Ebook Sales Part 2

On the 4th January, 2013, in my blog on Monitoring Ebook Sales,  I discussed what I have developed so far in a program I am writing to import my Smashwords and Amazon reports into a database, then searching and displaying the results.

Since then, I have made a few small changes, but like the final results.

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Monitoring Ebook Sales

On my 10th April, 2012 blog, I mentioned I was looking at developing a tool (program) to undertake the repetitive tasks in compiling my eBook sales reports into one database for ease of comparing sales at different internet retail sites. Continue reading

Monitoring my Sales

It was easy to monitor my sales when I was only using Smashwords.

I opened the yearly report in Excel and ran pivot tables and graphs to get a sense of what was selling well, what was selling slowly and what was not selling at all. Continue reading