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Time Management Revisited

It is spring here in Australia, and time I got back into my routine of writing in the mornings and yard maintenance in the afternoons.

So, when I read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog about his resetting his writing routine and his offer of a free lecture, I immediately signed in and listened to his 8 short video talks on finding out how to free up some time to write each day.

If you are interested visit Dean’s blog post here and copy his codeword then follow the link to his lecture on teachable.


Keep writing and having fun.

Wasting Time or Getting Sidetracked.

Do you have a dream of writing fiction and selling it?

I have a dream of writing fiction about “strong characters facing challenges and overcoming them by making good decisions”, without all the touchy-feely emotional writing that is available in the bookstores today. Stories I would read again and again, like I read the Pern or Saga of Recluce or Valdemar series. If you don’t recognise the names, Google them. Continue reading