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Writing Book IV in the Tracker Series

I started Book IV in the tracker series and managed four chapters before LIFE interfered. Continue reading

January Writing Life.

January only has one week left! Where does the time go?

I normally have January off work, so that I can watch the Australian Tennis. This January is no different to previous years.

Any New Year Resolutions are all gone and forgotten in this household. However, my publishing goals list is growing as I think of more tasks I could add to marketing, writing, and admin areas. Continue reading


I have now completed another course with Dean Wesley Smith, called Genre Structure.

I would recommend this six week course to any writer looking to write fiction in more than one genre. In fact, I would recommend this course to any fiction writer at whatever stage in their writing career, because Dean explains the differences between all the genres currently on the market. Continue reading

Back to Writing

I have now settled into my new home, with only a few boxes still to unpack. Of course, I find I have to look in two or three different places to find anything, but, that should soon pass as I get familiar with the new layout. Continue reading

Completed my 2011 To Do List

I am now taking stock of what I achieved this year.

My novels, novella, novelettes and short story are available on both Smashwords and Kindle Direct. That in itself is a achievement. I can now say I understand how to format into HTML, compile to MOBI files and upload to Kindle Direct, after formatting the word document for Smashwords.
Continue reading