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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Wow! This year flew by while “Life” interfered with my writing time.

I did try to keep up with Indie Publishing news while running from one “Life” crisis to another. Continue reading

Time Management Revisited

It is spring here in Australia, and time I got back into my routine of writing in the mornings and yard maintenance in the afternoons.

So, when I read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog about his resetting his writing routine and his offer of a free lecture, I immediately signed in and listened to his 8 short video talks on finding out how to free up some time to write each day.

If you are interested visit Dean’s blog post here and copy his codeword then follow the link to his lecture on teachable.


Keep writing and having fun.

From 2009 to now, and Onwards.

I started this blog in April, 2009.

Why? One of my writing teachers told me to create a writing blog because I needed it. I think it was to build interest in my stories, but I don’t talk about the actual writing of my stories. I mean, who wants to hear that I write one sentence, then the next. And the next. That is boring.

I talk about my writing journey, the things I learn, the software that helps me, or other tools that I use to monitor all aspects of indie publishing. Continue reading

Another Talisman

Writing Book Three of my Tracker Series is rolling along slowly.

I am up to chapter 15 and Misty is getting herself into more trouble, along with Dallas. Fun!

I also plotted one way she can get out of trouble, but may come up with another way, or two, if I find any “plot bunnies” in the next few chapters.

Which brings me to my second talisman.  Continue reading

Indie ReCon Happening 25-27 February

If you are like me, you rested over the December break, planning what projects you would start in 2014.

Or, like me, you took January off to watch the tennis in Australia. Fun and relaxing sitting in the lounge chair in air-conditioning comfort while the heat built outside, including a few days of 40 degrees Celsius (102 for those of you who know Fahrenheit).

Once January finished, or rather the tennis finished, I went back to the computer and caught up on all the mail, blogs, and other writer sites I usually check out once a week. Continue reading

November Madness

November triggers the start of a lot of writers trying to get 50K words on paper.

I looked back at what I achieved in September, and realised I would have to write a lot more each day (after learning to sit at the computer for longer) if I was going to get anywhere near that number.

Continue reading

Writing Update

I have been busy writing the past few weeks, but I tried to find time to keep up with reading other blogs, if the articles were relevant to Indie publishing. I am getting quite good at ignoring both the articles and comments if it does not relate to Indie publishing. 🙂 Continue reading

Tax Time Again

I hate doing tax for many reasons. No doubt, there are many better tax systems around the world, but in Australia, our tax system stinks.

Firstly, I do not like part of the money I earned during the past year going to a wasteful government, but I have no control over how they spend the tax they collect from me and all the other citizens. Continue reading

Update on Writing and Life

My new glasses arrived last Tuesday and I could start writing again.

I revised the novelette, ended up at 11,800 words. I have 8,500 words done on the second novelette in the series, with only 2 or 3 scenes left to complete it. The next 3 stories in the series are planned, but due to some good ideas my muse gave me while writing, the next one or two may change somewhat. Continue reading

Writing a Blurb

In the past, I was told that publishers write the blurbs because authors cannot seem to get them right. Continue reading