Building Spaceships

I decided, while waiting for my beta readers to finish my last two stories, to work on covers for the two stories. I drew a translator, an alien flying orb that translates English and other languages into Machani, the aliens in my latest novel.

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Produce or Procrastinate?

I had what I think was a productive week, now my cough has settled down and I have more energy.

I edited the latest novel draft and sent off to a beta reader.

I edited a previous novella draft and gave to a beta reader who had been patiently hanging out for the second story in the Sensing Danger series. Read more »

August Goals

It seemed like August zoomed by while I was not looking, but I did achieve some goals.

In the run up to completing my current WIP, I stopped writing because I knew something was wrong. Read more »

Dueling Words at Ten Paces

I had hoped to settle in and finish the first draft of my current project, but I have been sidetracked by the events of one big publisher negotiating with one big distributor on the web, so I decided to create a poster that sums it up.

If you are interested in the business of publishing, both traditional and Indie, I suggest you settle in and enjoy the business negotiation process unfolding between Hachette and Amazon, and follow along as some authors buy into the negotiations, but do check your facts before commenting, either on this site or any other site, because there are a lot of false statements floating around at the moment.

The process of one author commenting and other authors arguing against the first author reminds me of a boxing match (or a duel), with one throwing a punch (or firing a shot), and the opponent blocking, or throwing a counter punch, (or taking his time to aim and fire while the first duelist is reloading his pistol).

I may also draw some cartoons later. Enjoy the poster.




Some of the sites to follow to get a balanced view of this duel are The Passive Voice, J A Konrath, and Hugh Howey.

I hope that after another week or two, I will come to my senses and get back into writing or creating covers.

Keep writing and having fun.


First Tip for Scribus 1.4.3

Due to my laptop dying and purchasing a new laptop, as I discussed in my previous blog, I reinstalled Scribus, but got an updated version.

I located my Broken series and opened each into the new version of Scribus.

First I was asked to chose a font to replace the fonts I used in the older version.

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Nothing Stops Progress

I have (had) a lovely laptop running Windows XP that I used for coding windows programs and writing my novels, and everything else related to computing.

That is, until last Wednesday.

The laptop stopped working. No need to panic. All I had to do was reinstall the operating system and everything would be Ok again. The computer did not recognise the USB ports, or the CD drive. The hard drive would not boot the operating system. I could not install XP again.

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The Writing Process Blog Tour

Welcome to the next stage of the writing process blog tour!

I am following Lisa who I met while studying How to Think Sideways with Holly Lisle.

I do realise that those participating in the blog tour are all at different stages in their writing career, but we all find a way that works to get the next scene or chapter written. Read more »

Raw Data Is Telling

Yesterday I was minding my own business working in Scribus on the layout of one of my novels. I was following the steps in my Creating Print On Demand Interiors & Covers Using Scribus 1.4.1  and realised it gets easier and easier, each time I went through the steps.

Note the blatant plug for one of my books. :-)

I stopped to have a break and decided to open FeedReader to skim over the topics for the day in all the sites I monitor.

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Indie ReCon Happening 25-27 February

If you are like me, you rested over the December break, planning what projects you would start in 2014.

Or, like me, you took January off to watch the tennis in Australia. Fun and relaxing sitting in the lounge chair in air-conditioning comfort while the heat built outside, including a few days of 40 degrees Celsius (102 for those of you who know Fahrenheit).

Once January finished, or rather the tennis finished, I went back to the computer and caught up on all the mail, blogs, and other writer sites I usually check out once a week. Read more »


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