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Ongoing Learning

I have been quiet for the past few weeks, other than my guest blogs, because I have been busy.

I just finished a six week workshop called Advanced Depth created by Dean Wesley Smith which continues on from where Writing With Depth workshop left off. Both workshops teach how to get the reader down into the story from the first sentence through to the end of each scene and keeps them reading until the end of the story. Continue reading

Wasting Time or Getting Sidetracked.

Do you have a dream of writing fiction and selling it?

I have a dream of writing fiction about “strong characters facing challenges and overcoming them by making good decisions”, without all the touchy-feely emotional writing that is available in the bookstores today. Stories I would read again and again, like I read the Pern or Saga of Recluce or Valdemar series. If you don’t recognise the names, Google them. Continue reading