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Building a Platform

Building a platform is all about getting stories up on the ebook sites and letting readers know they are there.

First, it is a given, that the books are good stories edited to remove typos, with attractive covers and blurbs that attract readers.

Then comes marketing, which seems to be all about blogging, commenting on other blogs with links back to your own blog and your book list, and tweeting. Continue reading

I Think I Have Twitter Figured Out

This morning I opened my Mozilla Firefox (internet browser) program, typed in and followed the instructions Holly gave us and signed up for Twitter.

I then had to jump between HTTS forum and Twitter to find and follow each graduate student who listed their Twitter user name. Continue reading

Technology does not rule my life.

I have spent the day trying to figure out why I need two more program, Twitter and RSS Feed, to watch all the other programs that I already watch, such as my blogs, my Indie blog list, my Sideways blog list, real news sites, etc.

And now learning I “should” use Twitter and RSS feed to help market my ebooks”?

It is all too much.

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