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Wasting Time or Getting Sidetracked.

Do you have a dream of writing fiction and selling it?

I have a dream of writing fiction about “strong characters facing challenges and overcoming them by making good decisions”, without all the touchy-feely emotional writing that is available in the bookstores today. Stories I would read again and again, like I read the Pern or Saga of Recluce or Valdemar series. If you don’t recognise the names, Google them. Continue reading

Still Revising

I had a quiet week, thankfully, and finished reading through my latest first draft. Continue reading

Revising My Latest First Draft

What a week! I was all set to work through the revision without any distractions, but that did not happen.

Continue reading

A Lesson on Writing Blurbs

Some time back I volunteered to attempt to write a blurb for another author for his new novel, Lightning of Her Own, because he said he did not understand how to write blurbs and needed some help. Continue reading

Jazz’s Asteroid Cover Improvements

In my last blog I talked about learning to create covers in Photoshop and GIMP.

Well, thanks to the wonderful feedback, I changed the picture slightly. Continue reading