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Amazon Payments Outside USA

I live outside USA (in Australia) so I am aware that the only way Amazon will pay writers who live outside USA is with a cheque.

I found a site by author, Sarah Billington, who also lives in Australia. She has a petition going at the moment looking for enough writers to sign so she can approach Amazon with hopes of changing their payment system to Paypal.

So, if you live outside USA, and have been frustrated by receiving cheques from Amazon that costs more to process in your bank than the cheque is worth, you might want to look at Sarah’s petition. Hopefully, people power might just change Amazon’s mind about using Paypal. We don’t know until we try. 🙂

The link to the petition again.

Please help spread the word to all Indie authors.  Could you share with your friends on Facebook – just click here to share the petition on Facebook.

Thank you.