Life Stopped Me Writing …

This week.

Now it is almost winter, I am crocheting again.

I found a wonderful crochet pattern for a dragon called Vincent The Dragon at Hooked by Kati .

I did make alterations to the pattern as I didn’t like the fingers or toes on his feet. Instead I made three black claws for each leg. And I embroidered the eyes instead of attaching safety cat’s eyes.

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New Amazon Vella Program

Beware the fine print for this new beta Vella program. And understand all the requirements before you participate.

Amazon want (US only during beta) writers to write serial episodes “on faith” and upload to their new Vella beta program so Amazon can offer the first three episodes free to attract readers. If the readers want to read more they will need to sign up and purchase Tokens, then use the Tokens to unlock further episodes, using one token per 100 words. And Amazon will pay the writer 50% of the token cost.

Now for some calculations.

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Do you read or write Epic Fantasy?

There is a Kickstarter running at the moment for a series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, called The Return of the Fey.

What is really good is for each stretch goal, there is another book to read as well as a class on writing Epic Fantasy.

As the Kickstarter has already hit the seventh stretch goal, if you participate at the lowest level of US$5.00 or more you will receive the following:

All backers will get seven books plus the new Fey Novella to read. (Actually nine books plus the Fey Novella since one of the rewards was a trilogy.)

And for writers, there are six brand new Pop-Up classes on different topics with $900 in value. And readers, if you are not a writer, you can give the writing classes to a writer friend if you like.

Check out the Kickstarter for details of the stretch goal novels and classes.

It only has 4 days to go.

Half Price for Holly Lisle Courses

Holly Lisle has many courses on how to write novels, series, short stories, flash fiction (FREE), and many more. They are all on sale for 50% of list price at the moment. With everyone at home more now to avoid the virus, now is your chance to improve your writing.

I checked her shop to see if I needed any more of her courses and found I already owned all of them except for 2 or 3. So, I purchases How to Write Villains. First thing I did was download and print out the 3 pds files. I thought about getting the rest of the files now so I can put them in a folder, but found I have to patiently wait for a week to download and print out week 2 files.

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New Book Published

I have just published my new science fiction story, Roseworld, to distributors Smashwords and Draft2Digital and the eBook is now being rolled out to all publishing sites. Read more »

What has happened to WordPress Editor?

I am a little late with my monthly blog, so I had a surprise when clicked on Posts/New Post.

Totally different layout. I searched for a button to select “Classic Editor” or just “Old Editor” but no such button or link is available. I Googled and found possible Extensions, so can look into that later. I will struggle on with this blog for now.

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Update on My Procrastination

This year is flying.

We are already in Spring in Australia. This means cutting more firewood just in case we get more cold weather during spring. Done that.

And preparing vegetable gardens for spring planting. Done that.

Making mulberry jam, mulberry jelly and stewed mulberries. And making custard to eat with the stewed mulberries. And giving away mulberries to neighbours. And juicing oranges, limes, lemons, etc.  I guess I will be making some more Lime Meringue Pies. And Lemon Meringue Pies. Yum!

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

I am now participating in Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale running from 1-31 July, 2020.

If you want to get one of my books, they are all 50% off except for my $0.99 short stories.

Check them out here.

And have a look at the many other authors participating in the sale.


My Draft2Digital Print Book Process

I am now in the beta testing of adding my print pdf files to D2D for distribution to Ingram Spark and Amazon.

The advantages are:
I can use D2D free ISBNs for my print books.
I don’t have deal with Amazon help desk.
I am not subject to any access decisions Amazon insist on like giving them my mobile phone number.
My print books are now in Ingram Spark as well as Amazon.
I only deal with D2D for admin details for both Ingram Spark and Amazon. And so far, they are very helpful. Read more »

Adding POD Books Via D2D

I hope you are all keeping safe during the virus rampage and writing many stories.

I have been been accepted into Draft2Digital Beta testing of uploading print books and have been working on getting my print books back up at Amazon and IngramSpark. The process is getting easier each time I upload another interior or cover file. I just have to check that the size of the cover including the spine measurements in inches also equates to the correct pixel width and height before uploading.

So far, I have my Creating Print On Demand Interiors and Covers using Scribus 1.4.1 back up on Amazon as a print book and added the link to my book page on Tift Click on the image in the right hand column to go to the Tift Publishing book page.

I will check out the IngramSpark links next.

Then, I will work through my Tracker series to get the print books back up selling, and slowly work through all the back list, each afternoon leaving the mornings for writing, etc .

I also played in Photoshop creating the wings for a fairy to put on the cover of a short story I wrote months ago. Will work on the background next.

Please all take care and stay safe away from the virus. And keep writing.



Smashwords Authors Give Back Sale

With the lock down happening around the world, instead of being driven to distraction with the continuous counts of infected people or sadly, the death rate, now is the time to read an ebook. Read more »

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

I have entered my ebooks in Smashwords Read An Ebook Week running from 1 – 7 March, 2020.

If you want to get 50% off one of my books, or a discount on any other Smashwords author’s ebooks, visit and check out ebooks in your genre. Also if you have friends that read ebooks, pass the word there is a sale running the first week in March.

Read an Ebook Week - Banner sized for Facebook

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Publishing in 2020

2019 flew past while life events took most of my time, so I will welcome 2020 in the hope I get to write many more stories and have less (or no) life events happening.

I hope you all got to celebrate with family and friends and are enjoying your holidays before the new year starts.

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Tracker Series Boxed Set

Tift PUblishing has now published the complete science fiction “Tracker” series by Diane J Cornwell includes RIDER, GUARD, JUDGE, MAGE and TRACKERS. Trackers concludes the adventure of Dallas and Misty’s fight to alter the council’s control of mages across Convane and neighbouring countries, with assistance from tracker horses, dragons, and magic spells.

Bonus short story SMALL MAGIC SPELLS introduces seven year old Daria Wood.

For more details and links to purchase click here. Links will be updated as they become available.

Broken Series Boxed Set

Tift Publishing has just published my Science Fiction Broken Series as a Boxed Set for US$8.99.  Click here for details, and the links to distributors will be added as they become available. Read more »

Amazon Two Step Verification Nightmare

I apologise to all my readers who purchase my eBooks and print books via Amazon, but I had to remove them from Amazon because they refuse to disable their two step verification to access my account and I refuse to spend over AU$500.00 to purchase a mobile phone for them to send a verification code. Read more »

Anything But Writing

June disappeared while I split wood, mowed lawns, both mine and my cousin’s, weeded vegetable gardens, ran sick relatives to doctor appointments, prepared my invoices and receipts ready for my tax return, knitted vests for a friend, knitted jumpers for myself, and helped write a memorial speech and handout for a funeral. Read more »

Latest Cover Reveal

I have a cover for my latest short story.

It is a fantasy based on my Tracker series, but with a new character.

I am still checking the ebook formats, but am very happy with the cover.

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More Tatted Decorations

I tatted some more Christmas Tree decorations.

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New Fantasy Box Set

If you like to read about magic, horses and unicorns check out the new box set, Here Be Dragons curated by A. L. Butcher on pre-order for US$3.99.

Here Be Unicorns

Sales Blurb

“From fable to legend, these wondrous beasts enchant us. Healers or harmers, no one truly knows the heart and horn of the unicorn—dare you seek the answers?

A collection of tales featuring unicorns and magical horses.”

It includes Rider, the first in my fantasy Tracker series, along with 9 other wonderful stories.

Here Be Unicorns

Click on either image to read more about this bundle.