Illustrations: Back to Basics

I decided to start learning Photoshop colouring in by doing a drawing by hand. So I located the book Drawing & Painting Fantasy Figures by Finlay Cowan and read the steps he takes using marker pens.

I copied one of his drawings, and followed along with the steps, but I couldn’t find my marker pens since I moved house, so I used coloured pencils instead.

I used a light box and coloured the drawing on a new page. Then I moved the page over and inked the drawing, then scanned the page into Photoshop, crumpled paper and all.


I copied the inked outline onto one layer in a new file and set to multiply, then copied the coloured drawing onto another layer. I also added a white fill layer under the other two layers.

I was happy with the result.


Finlay Cowan then suggested the colour scheme could be changed in Photoshop, but gave no instructions.

I did some searching, and discovered Hue/Saturation.  I love it!

This is the outcome.



Now I am off to attempt colouring the inked outline in Photoshop to achieve the same look as using pencils and scanning into the program.

Oh, and learning how to not dirty the paper around the coloured drawing!

If it works, I will repeat the process with my own drawing of a guard at Moon Base Prison with Cam locked in a cell behind him. Hopefully, if it turns out OK I can use it for my second Sensing Danger novella.

What do you think?  Hope for me to get better using Photoshop?

I would love any suggestions on how to remove coloured lead flecks from around the drawing easily, other than the eraser setting and slowly moving the mouse over all the background.

I will look up how to do that next. I am sure I read somewhere I should change the mode or something else, but not sure where I read it.

Keep having fun.



3 comments so far

  1. Angela/curiocat on

    Good job and of course you should keep going. I can’t wait to see where you end up!

    • D J Mills on

      Thanks for the encouragement. So far, I find it much faster colouring in with pencils by hand and scanning in, than time to colour inside Photoshop.

      • Angela/curiocat on

        There may be a learning curve. The more you do it the faster you get. If you prefer the color pencils then I’d stick with them.

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